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Last updated: 12 June 2011

Welcome to the Home Page for Fluffy, Mercury, and Shadow! Fluffy joined Laurraine and Mike on 13 December 1998. You can see his first pictures at Christopher Robin and Fluffy's Home Page. Mercury joined the family on 10 June 2000. You can see earlier photos of both Fluffy and Mercury on the Cats 2000 page. Shadow arrived on 7 September 2001. Shadow's first pictures are on the Cats 2003 page. Shadow passed away in Laurraine's arms on 27 December 2005 after a long illness. Please visit his Memorial Page. Fluffy passed away on 12 June 2011 after a long illness. Please visit his Memorial Page.

28 August 2005
Some photos of Fluffy:


6 April 2005
The following four photos were some of the initial test shots that Mike took with his new Nikon D70 Digital Single Lens Reflex camera.

Here is Shadow, on Laurraine's desk; one of his favorite places to be:


Here are two of Fluffy in two of his favorite places:

Fluffy Fluffy

And Mercury in one of his favorite places:


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Fluffy, Mercury, and Shadow

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