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Last modified: 30 November 2003

Welcome to the Home Page for Fluffy, Mercury, and Shadow! Fluffy joined Laurraine and Mike on 13 December 1998. You can see his first pictures at Christopher Robin and Fluffy's Home Page. Mercury joined the family on 10 June 2000. You can see earlier photos of both Fluffy and Mercury on the Cats 2000 page. Shadow arrived on 7 September 2001. Shadow's pictures are further down this page.

2001's pictures start with Christmas 2000. Fluffy wasn't interested in any Christmas things this year (guess he thinks he is too old for that!) but Mercury enjoyed the presents.

Mercury still likes to get into things he shouldn't, like this carrying bag.

Fluffy, being the older one, likes to think he is king of the world, sitting high on his perch on the cat condo.

Of course, Mercury does too...

Shadow is 9 1/2 years old and is a "tuxedo" cat. The bathroom counter is one of his favorite places.

He has a generally quiet disposition (like Fluffy) and is the opposite of Mercury, who has way too much energy. Shadow does "talk" a lot.

In 2003, Fluffy found a new "favorite place" - on top of our bed where there are many stuffed animals. He likes the height and the company...

Mercury has more modest tastes - he likes Laurraine's desk.

One of Mercury's favorite places is an Avon box in the computer room.

Here are some photos from November 2003. Fluffy (on the left) and Shadow like to rest on Laurraine's desk while she is using the computer (on a desk off to the side):

Mercury and Fluffy share some quality time together:

Thanks for visiting us.

Fluffy, Mercury, and Shadow

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