In September 2004, we purchased our "retirement land" in Oracle, Arizona, north of Tucson. At the end of June 2009, we moved into our newly completed home. This page documents reports from "Oracle Observatory" from 2005 to 2009. New reports are on the "Cassiopeia Observatory" web site (link on the right). Cassiopeia Observatory
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11-12 August 2009None
21-22 April 2009ETX-125AT, PST
28-29 March 20098" LX200-ACF, PST
28 February - 2 March 20098" LX200-ACF, PST
28-30 November 2008 8" LX200-ACF, PST
25-27 October 20088" LX200-ACF, PST
8 October 2008 8" LX90-ACF
28 September 2008 ETX-90RA, PST
31 May - 1 June 2008 ETX-90RA, ETX-125AT
5 May 2008 ETX-125AT, PST
7 March 2008 ETX-90RA, PST
6-7 February 2008 ETX-90RA, ETX-125AT
12-13 October 2007 LXD75-8"SC
15-16 June 2007 LXD75-8"SC
11-12 May 2007 LXD75-8"SC
13-14 April 2007 LXD75-8"SC
16-17 March 2007 LXD75-8"SC
16-17 February 2007LXD75-8"SC
21-22 December 2006LXD75-8"SC
20-21 October 2006LXD75-8"SC
22-23 September 2006ETX-70AT, ETX-105PE
18-19 August 2006LXD75-8"SC, ETX-70AT
26-27 May 2006LXD75-8"SC
28-29 April 2006LXD55-8"SC, ETX-105PE
4 March 2006LXD55-8"SC
28 January 2006LXD55-8"SC
28-29 December 2005LXD55-8"SC
3 December 2005LXD55-8"SC
29 October 2005LXD55-8"SC
24 September 2005LXD55-8"SC
6 August 2005LXD55-8"SC
2-3 July 2005LXD55-8"SC
11 June 2005ETX-90RA
26-27 May 2005ETX-90RA
30 April 2005ETX-105PE
2 April 2005ETX-105PE
12 March 2005LXD55-8"SC

Get Quicktime The panorama at the top of the page looks from South (on the left) through West to North. It was made using DoubleTake, which automatically stitched five photographs taken with my Nikon D70 DSLR into the panorama. Click the panorama to view a QuickTime VR (2.6MB) version.

Here is a montage of some of the photographs I have taken at Oracle Observatory. Click the image to see a larger version (212KB).
Toyota Prius packing
Click the photo to view a QuickTime movie (804KB) of packing my 2002 Toyota Prius Hybrid for a trip to Oracle Observatory.
Oracle Observatory
Click the photo for a Quicktime movie (single images taken approximately every hour; 1.8MB) of the 8.5 hour trip when I had to drive across California and Arizona to Oracle.
Oracle Observatory
Click the photo to view a QuickTime movie (2.8MB) showing how I set up for my stays at Oracle Observatory.
Oracle Observatory
Click the photo to see what Oracle Observatory typically looks like during my stays and to read a description of what's in the photo.

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