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Updated: 21 November 2022

Welcome to the Home Page for Cato. Links to our Cats memorial pages and past web pages at the bottom of this page.

21 November 2022
Cato relaxing.


9 August 2021
Cato doing what he loves to do.

6 March 2020
A neighborhood Roadrunner has been frequently visiting. He taps at the window to get Cato's attention. He keeps bringing gifts for Cato, like this lizard.


23 July 2019
Marvin the Martian and Cato the Cat. I wonder what they are both looking at?


29 January 2019
On Friday, 25 January 2019, we visited the local Oracle Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation and adopted a black and white cat named Cato, after the character in PINK PANTHER. He is approximately two years old, probably born in June. He was found wandering around when he was about seven months old, but by his behaviour he is clearly not feral. He recently had a run in with a cat that picked on him, so he lost some hair from stress. He quickly calmed down from his initial upset at finding himself in a strange new place and is very cuddly.

Cato has been a very active cat and rarely sits still long enough to get a photo. But here are two photos of him taking a short break after playing with some cat toys:


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