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iPhone: Moon Mare Crisium

Posted: 16 January 2013

The observatory was opened Tuesday, 15 January 2013, at 1813 MST, 37°F. The sky was mostly clear but there was a breeze blowing. This was planned to be a short session. 1818 MST, viewed Jupiter, 77X. Four moons were visible. Seeing was better this night than on the previous night, but occasional strong breezes made viewing details difficult. I then viewed the moon at 77X. Switched to the 2" 9mm 100° (222X) eyepiece. The view of the moon was great at times of steady seeing. The details in and around Mare Crisium intrigued me, so I decided I would photograph it.

As it had been awhile since I had used the iPhone 4 for imaging, I would use it this night. At 1831 MST, I took this afocal photo, Camera app, 77X, with the iPhone mounted on the 8" LX200-ACF using the Magnilux MX-1 iPhone Afocal Adapter:


This is Mare Crisium, afocal 222X, captured at 1838 MST, and cropped slightly from the full-frame image:


By 1840 MST, some clouds were approaching the moon. I ended imaging at 1844 MST and began closing up for the night.

The observatory was closed at 1853 MST, 34°F.

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