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iPhone 5s Lunar Imaging: Craters Pallas, Murchison, Albategnius

Posted: 2 September 2014

Opened: Monday, 1 September 2014, 1815 MST
Temperature: 103°F
Session: 715
Conditions: Clear

1826 MST: viewed the nearly First Quarter Moon, 83X. The overlapping craters of Pallas and Murchison were an interesting sight. At 222X, the crater Albategnius central peak showed a nice shadow on the crater floor. 1848 MST: sunset. Began setting up for iPhone 5s afocal imaging on the 8" LX200-ACF using the modified MX-1 Afocal Adapter and the Earbuds/Mic volume control as a remote shutter release.

1854 MST: 77X
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1858 MST: Craters Pallas/Murchison (top) & Albategnius (bottom), 154X

1903 MST: Craters Pallas (left) & Murchison (right), 222X

1905 MST: Crater Albategnius, 222X

1911 MST: Crater Albategnius, 444X

1913 MST: resumed lunar observing, 444X. The terminator was fascinating (as usual). Views along the lunar limb had some interesting sights.

Closed: Monday, 1 September 2014, 1932 MST
Temperature: 86°F

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