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Moon iPhone Imaging, Halloween Sights

Posted: 30 October 2014

Opened: Wednesday, 29 October 2014, 1809 MST
Temperature: 78°F
Session: 737
Conditions: Clear

1816 MST: began observing the moon, 83X and 222X. Seeing was not very good. Setup for iPhone 5s imaging by mounting the iPhone on the 8" LX200-ACF using the modified MX-1 Afocal Adapter. This is at 77X:


Added the TeleVue 2X PowerMate and did some slo-mo (120fps) video recordings. The following images were cropped from individual video frames:

Craters Aristoteles (top) and Eudoxus (bottom)

Crater Stöfler

1844 MST: resumed lunar observing. Tried viewing at 444X. At times the views were pretty good even though seeing really didn't support that much magnification. Switched to 222X to monitor a faint star which much be occulted by the moon. 1904 MST: switched to 364X which provided a smaller FOV to block out most of the moonlight in order to keep the faint star in view. I quickly decided this wasn't going to be an occultation.

Did some terminator observing at 364X. I noticed that the "Man in the Moon" had put up a "Halloween decoration". Can you see the "mask" in this cropped handheld iPhone photo taken at 364X?


1922 MST: final look at the moon, 83X. Began closing the observatory. As I closed the dome I saw this creepy looking fellow near my head:


On the previous night I had caught a glimpse of this same spider. Must be approaching Halloween.

Closed: Wedneday, 29 October 2014, 1933 MST
Temperature: 66°F

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