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Livestreaming the Moon on Twitter Periscope (video)

Posted: 29 March 2015

Open: Saturday, 28 March 2015, 1809 MST
Temperature: 90°F
Session: 801
Conditions: Partly cloudy

1817 MST: viewed Venus, 83X. The planet was approaching a half-phase view. Then slewed the Moon. Mounted the iPhone 5s on the 8" LX200-ACF telescope using a modified MX-1 Afocal Adapter. Using the Earbuds/Mic volume control as a remote shutter release, I took this photograph at 1822 MST at a magnification of 77X:


I then did a Livestream video showing the Moon. To see what viewing a Twitter Periscope Livestream is like you can view the first 52 seconds of the 13 minute "replay" of my Livestream session, courtesy of Periscope, by clicking the image below:

Click or tap on image for video (9 MB)

I ended the Livestream before sunset and then stepped outside of the observatory for this iPhone photograph of the western sky (slightly cropped):


1844 MST: sunset.

1848 MST: viewed Jupiter, 83X. The four Galilean Moons and the Great Red Spot were visible. I switched to the Baader Zoom 8-24mm Eyepiece and viewed Jupiter at all magnifications. Seeing was not great due to clouds; the best view was at 125X (16mm).

The cloud cover was increasing so decided to end the session.

Close: Saturday, 28 March 2015, 1905 MST
Temperature: 76°F

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