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Posted: 14 July 2022

Friday morning, 8 July 2022, I attended a meeting of local business owners to talk about the David H. Levy Arizona Dark Sky Star Party that will be held in Oracle 21-25 September 2022. They are all excited that Oracle is hosting this incredible event. Clouds arrived late in the day.

I put the Dome Cover photo ON Saturday morning, 9 July, since there were Monsoon Season thunderstorms in the forecasts. Had some brief thundershowers in the afternoon and early evening (0.27"). There was a nice double rainbow at sunset.


Monday evening, 11 July, had a very brief rainshower (0.07"). Had another very brief rainshower (0.01") Tuesday afternoon, 12 July, and then a better shower Tuesday night (0.16"). More rain (0.18") occurred Wednesday afternoon, 13 July. A little later this large dust storm was near Picacho Peak and I-10, 30 miles to the west of Oracle.


Thursday morning, 14 July, the sky was partly cloudy. I took this photo (cropped) of the Sun through some thin clouds using the D850 DSLR (f/11, 1/800, ISO 800, FL 600mm) through the Explore Scientific Sun Catcher Solar Filter.

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On 13 July, NOIRLab posted on update on the wildfire recovery work at Kitt Peak National Observatory.

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