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Review - Revolution Imager, page 5
Posted: 15 June 2016
Updated: 6 July 2016

More Revolution Imager Tests

In my main review I discussed some problems with the battery charger and charging state. For some reason when I connected the charger to an AC extension cord the charger always showed a green LED when it was "charging", or so I thought. The red LED on the battery always stayed red and never turned green. Then one day when I plugged the charger into the extension cord the charger LED showed orange instead of green. I then discovered that if the charger is not making good AC contact then it can show green and probably is not charging, which would explain the limited battery life I was seeing. When I connected the charger directly to a wall outlet, its LED showed orange but eventually showed green after a few hours. The LED on the battery always shows red when charging and when ON.

Longer Power Cable

In the main review I complained about the short power cable from the battery to the camera and monitor. The short cable really limited how far from the telescope the battery and monitor could be placed and with a large telescope the problem was even worse. After the review was published I received good news from Orange County Telescope:

We listened!

You are the FIRST to know. We have asked our battery mfg to increase the battery cable from 20" to 40" to allow a more distant placement for the batteries that you had a problem with in your most recent review.

Also we have just shipped to you a battery extension cable that is approx 58 inches in length. Let your readers know that if they email us a copy of their receipt and pay for the shipping we will gladly send one to them at no cost (other than the shipping).

In the mean time, until we get the new longer cabled batteries we will be including this extension in with the imagers.

Here is the extension cable I received, which is almost 60" in length:


The extension cable connects between the cable from the battery and the Y-cable to allow a longer run to both the camera and monitor. Or it can be connected to one of the power leads on the Y-cable. I connected it from the Y-cable to the camera for use with my ETX telescopes. Here are comparison photos showing the difference without and with the longer power cable:



The top photo shows the short cable with the battery placed on the telescope mount. The bottom photo shows the longer cable with the battery on the tripod with the monitor. I doubt that any user will feel constrained when setting up to use the Revolution imager with the longer power cable.

Many thanks to Orange County Telescope for listening and providing a solution for its customers.

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The Revolution Imager settings files: Excel, PDF.

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