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Subject:	ETX-125&camcorder
Sent:	Sunday, January 29, 2006 08:17:53
From:	shaer ilan (
I enjoy reading your site and would like to hear your advice about using
a camcorder with the etx-125

Since a camcorder is much more sensitive than our eyes, we were thinking
if it would be possible to attach the camcorder to an eyepice and get a
better view by eye this way. E.g. by using a 9mm eyepiece it is hard to
get a good focus on Saturn and Jupiter and we wanted to attach a
camcorder to the 9mm eyepiece.

I have two questions.

1) What camcorder would be best for this purpose, digital or
analog.(Aslo, with the digital camcorder, what is the recomended ccd
chip size)

2) Right now we are using Meade's Super Plossal eyepiece and I wanted to
know what eyepiece is best for planets since that is our main target.
Mike here: Yes, you can use a camcorder for imaging. See the Camcorders page on the Helpful Information: Astrophotography page. From a weight perspective, it is probably best to use a digital one vs an analog one. Also, current digital models are more sensitive than older analog models. Keep in mind that the higher the magnification the longer the exposure times required AND the more that movement (telescope vibrations or atmosphere) will affect the image. I suggest starting with a low magnification, like with your 26mm eyepiece.


Thanks for your reply.

My ETX 125 has just arrived, but I seem to have a problem keeping track
with it. For example, I tried keeping track of Saturn and the Orion
Neula with a 26mm eyepiece, but after about 4 minutes they disappeared.
I've tried changing tracking rate, but it didn't do anything to change
the situation.

I have tried it on, alt/az and polar but it didn't help either.

I have a Meade AR6 with LXD75 mount and it tracks wonderfully.

Do all fork mounts have the same problem? Or is it because this scope
has a long focal lenght that it has such a problem?


thank's, you was right about train drive...

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