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Subject:	moon picture
Sent:	Tuesday, June 20, 2006 06:15:18
From:	Patrick Roy (
Picture of the moon taken june 6 (moon is 10 days old).

This picture is a single frame (1/20 sec at 100 ISO) taken with a Canon
Powershot A-610 (magnification 2X to eliminate vigneting), Meade 32mm
Plossl and a ETX-125. Before taking the picture, focus was done on a
bright star using a Hartmann mask (this technique is amazing to get a
perfect focus and a sharp image).

With all the pictures I have sent you lately (see astrophoto area,Canon)
it is obvious that good astrophoto is possible with an ETX and basic

Thank you again Mike and to all the members of your amazing site!!!

Montreal, Canada


End of today's update
Subject:	astro pictures
Sent:	Tuesday, May 16, 2006 07:27:37
From:	Patrick Roy (
I am sending the very best of my pictures taken the last few months:
Jupiter (first one with the great red spot and the second one with a
moon in front of it), the Moon, Mars and Saturne. They were all taken
with an ETX-125 and AVI movies from Canaon PowerShot A-610 processed
with Registax.

Thanks again for your site. Patrick (Montréal,Canada)






End of 19 May update
Subject:	first moon image: beautiful!
Sent:	Tuesday, May 9, 2006 07:39:36
From:	Riccardo Sallusti (
here it is my first image of the moon:
ETX90 + Canon PowershotA85 in afocal mode on 25mm ploss eyepiece. One
shot at 1/25 sec.
It seems really beautiful...
thanks :)
Riccardo Sallusti


Subject:	New image of Jupiter
Sent:	Tuesday, May 9, 2006 03:59:10
From: (
I was fortunate to have clear skies last Sunday night.  Jupiter is
rising in the south-east and was easy to see, even before sunset.  I
used my digital camera to capture this image and processed about 600
video frames (320x240) with K3CCD software.

Thanks for all the info on your web site,
Kevin Blankenheim


End of 11 May update
Subject:	Moon Shot
Sent:	Saturday, May 6, 2006 05:17:12
From:	Wayne Davidson (
Thanks for the hard work and great place to go for information.  I am
sending you a picture of the Moon that I shot late yesterday afternoon
with the ETX125 Meade Telescope.  I used a Cannon Rebel XT camera and as
you can tell it came out pretty good.  Feel free to use the photo as you
please and it makes a good Wallpaper shot.
Keep up the good work and thanks again for the web site.


End of 7 May update
Subject:	Canon DSLR image of Saturn
Sent:	Tuesday, April 18, 2006 09:17:53
From:	Paul Davies (
Please find attached my latest image of Saturn, for your Canon gallery. 

It was taken through my ETX-125 at prime focus with my EOS 350D. It is a
composite of 2 images - one of 1 sec exposure to record the moons, and
one of a 1/125th to get the planet itself, both at ISO800. the 2 where
then combined in Paint Shop Pro 10.

Many Thanks for such a great site.


Paul Davies


End of 21 April update
Subject:	Saturn Image
Sent:	Tuesday, April 11, 2006 05:44:05
From:	Kevin (
Finally had some clear sky's in Indiana and took my best image of
Saturn. Seeing was predicted to be 3 or 5 and Transparency was also

My JMI electronic focuser made a huge improvement, sharpest image I've
Thanks for the web site,


End of 13 April update
Subject:	picture of the moon
Sent:	Monday, March 20, 2006 11:50:17
From:	Patrick Roy (
Picture of the Archimedes/Autolycus/Aristillus crateres. This picture
was made of a 45 sec. AVI movie processed with Registax (what a
program!!!). Seeing was less than good. Meade ETX-125 and Canon
Powershoat A-610.



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