Last updated: 5 April 2006
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Subject:	ETX Gallery Images - JJ (UK)
Sent:	Tuesday, April 4, 2006 02:16:54
From:	James Jefferson-Wilson James (
Please find the following :
1> Partial Eclipse from the UK (Lucky Gaps in Clouds)
2> Sun from the 3rd April
All Taken with the ETX 125AT
Could you please put on your Gallery, thanks very much indeed !
James Jefferson (JJ)  

photo photo

End of today's update
Subject:	CP995 related question
Sent:	Monday, February 13, 2006 15:38:26
From:	ben vazquez (
I have a question reguarding an ETX 105PE and a Nikon CP995. Did you use
to  weights to counter balance your scopes when using the CP995 with an
ETX in polar mode? I'm just wondering how essential it is to use counter
weights when taking images that are not longer than one minute of
exposure? I am coupling the CP995 with a scopetronix 14mm eyepiece that
threds right into the CP995 (this item also adds a little weight). If
you or any of your readers have advise on this subject it would be much
Clear Skies,
               Ben V.
               Miami, FL
Mike here: I didn't use any counterweights with the Coolpix 995 for afocal photography.

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