Last updated: 27 November 2007
Subject:	Moon with LPI
Sent:	Sunday, November 25, 2007 10:39:36
From:	Maurice Collins (
I had a go at imaging the Moon with a Meade LPI imager and here are my
first results. I also imaged Jupiter the week before and captured the
bands and satellites faintly.

The telescope was my ETX-90/RA, seeing was A-II and time was 0800UT on
Moon shots. Jupiter seeing was about A-III and time would have been
around 0830UT.

Maurice Collins
Palmerston North, NZ.





Subject:	Mars on November 7, 2007
Sent:	Wednesday, November 14, 2007 12:57:38
how's it going? Hope you are having better skies than I am. Here's my
latest of Mars taken November 7, 2007 with a 10" dob, the Meade LPI and
a 5x APO Barlow. Total magnification is around 600x (?).

I believe this is the Acidilia Hemisphere. At the time of this picture,
Mars was 12.77 arcseconds diameter, -0.76 magnitude and was 0.75 AU's
distant (just under 70 million miles).

I also snapped a pic of comet 17P / Holmes but the LPI's forte is NOT
comets, so, it's not that great.

Clear skies and thanks for posting.



Subject:	LPI imaging
Sent:	Sunday, October 21, 2007 13:31:03
From:	mike (
My name is also Mike and I have the etx 90pe and 80bb scopes with the
lpi imager and I am trying to image the orion nebula. i am starting to
hav some success. the colors are off a bit but  it seems like i may not
me exposing long enough. Also if i use a 3.3 or 5 focal reducer on my 80
bb is that just dumb or is that really fast exposure times.
here is a link to my pics
Mike here: You are on the right track; either increase the individual frame exposure time OR increase the number of images used to "stack". Sometimes hundreds of individual exposures are required. As to a focal reducer on the ETX-80, I don't think you will gain much and I don't know if one will focus properly on the ETX-80.


Thank you for your comments and ultra speedy response, i hunted around
the site a bit for more information, great site i tried enhancing a the
edges a bit but it seems to be a lot of noise compared to useful detail,
so i will go out and capture some more pics to stack and see what
happens. It was polar aligned to roughly, my second attempt. it seemed
to have a lot of movement in some frames, idk if it was the scope trying
to correct but i had to discard quite a few due to movement issues for 8
sec exposures. i got better results with my 80bb in alt/az mode with 15
sec exposures.
Any experience with MaximDL?
Mike here: Sorry, no experience with MaximDL (a Windows application).


Subject:	m42 my best pic
Sent:	Tuesday, October 23, 2007 10:59:32
Here is a picture of M42 that was captured using etx 80bb and the LPI.
next picture I will use the de-rotation feature with meade's envasage to
get rid of the star trails. This picture is approx 30min worth of 15 sec
exposures stacked in FITS format and combined in MaximDL. Then converted
to jpeg with auto stretch.


Subject:	Mars, Uranus and More...
Sent:	Wednesday, October 17, 2007 08:18:16
From: (
Here are some of my latest pics with the LPI. I got rid of my 6" scope
since my last posting and upgraded to a 10" dob. Currently I am still
fighting trying to get a decent image out of my Meade DSI. Hopefully I
will figure it out soon.

Anyway, here are some planetary shots. The first is Mars taken on the
morning of October 7. It measured just over 10.1 arcseconds. Taken with
(2) barlows in combination (a 2x and a 1.9x) for a total of F/17.9
through a 10" scope.

Uranus is "ultra" processed through Registax to bring out (what I
believe to be) Titania, Uranus' largest moon. It is just under 900 miles
in diameter and glows feebly at magnitude 13.73. There appear to be 2
other moons even dimmer but I can not be certain if they are satellites
or not. Uranus currently measures 3.7 arcseconds and is 19.28 AU

As always, I needed to send my latest of Jupiter. Taken late summer of
this year shortly after I got the new scope. The detail would have been
better if one of the equatorial belts didn't fade away.

Unguided and non-motorized too.




Subject:	Moon Shot w/LPI and ETX 80
Sent:	Saturday, September 22, 2007 16:50:15
From:	Renee Ann Wirick (
Picked up a used LPI at the star party last weekend for cheap and
brought it home praying it worked, and I am very impressed, I would
highly recommend it in addition the DSI which does not do well for me
with the moon or planets. This is my very first attempt and I was
impressed, the whole moon fit in the frame, and I added a bit more sky
in Photoshop to make it nice.  50 images hand stacked in Photoshop.
Thanks as Always for your site,
Rene Wirick
Thetford, Norfolk, UK


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