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This page covers the various models of the Meade Deep Sky Imager and DSI Pro with your comments, tips, and photos. Contributions welcome. In order to showcase the DSI you may occasionally see images taken with other telescopes on this page.

Subject:	Astrophotography
Sent:	Sunday, November 23, 2008 14:14:04
From:	Mike Pilgrim (
Mike, in your experience have you witnessed or heard of an Off-Axis
Guider being used in conjunction with the Meade DSI Pro II and a ETX
scope?  I have the ETX-125AT and the referenced DSI which I tried
unsuccessfully to employ due to extreme difficulties to focus the target
in the DSI field of view.

Actually, it took a while to realize the limitations of mounting the DSI
in the eyepiece while set up in AZ/EL alignment, so recent efforts have
been to affect polar alignment know-how, with plans to subsequently
mount the DSI in the Prime Focus port on back of the scope.  While
contemplating that configuration, I can't help but to ask the question
regarding availability and feasibility of a Off-Axis Guider.

I suppose I can learn how to implement a parfocal lens and trust that
method (using the flip mirror feature) might aid in my DSI focus
challenge. I'll work on that aspect while I await any pros or cons from
you regarding the OAG question.

Mike Pilgrim
Boca Raton, Fl
Mike here: Getting a parfocus situation with or without an OAG at both ports will likely be challenging (if not impossible). As to polar vs alt/az, both work with the DSI since you'll be normally using short exposures. But to answer your question, no, I don't recall any reports of using an OAG with the DSI models. Keep in mind that most OAGs will have a T-Adapter port for the camera.
Subject:	Problems acheiving Sharp Focus with ETX 125 and DSI
Sent:	Sunday, August 17, 2008 18:23:07
From:	Dustin Smith (
My current setup:
Meade ETX 125 mounted on deluxe tripod in polar mode run on external DC
battery pack with Meade electronic focus controller (conected to the
autostar via AUX port on base).

Autostar control box controled via Autostar software on Laptop. Serial
cable to Meade USB to serial converter.

Meade DSI camera (IR screen in place) with cooling fan, conected to
focal reducer mounted in eye piece holder (have also mounted in rear
port via SC adapter and Meade Focal Reducer and T Mount).

First, I cant get any of my eyepieces anywhere near parfocal with the
camera, so I am wondering if it is normal to have to focus the camera
from the focus knob almost all the way out to almost all the way in?

Second, I have purchased a Hartman mask from Kendrick to assist in
resolving my camera focusing issues and gotten the image tack sharp,
however, I have been unable to resolve any detail on Jupiter? I have
viewed the online help videos for the autostar suite software (these
with the included directions are far from complete). I have taken darks
and have the image process box set to planetary. I have used the auto
exspose option to get the best image (a bright ball). I have tried sharp
and soft settings as well as the mono setting. With mono I was able to
get what might have been a cloud band, however I can not be completely
sure. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?

Also, the obligatory, love your site, check it frequently and have found
many useful tidbits. Same aplies to your book on the ETX.
Mike here: You should be able to make some eyepiece parfocal, with or without the focal reducer. I don't have a DSI so I don't know where it focuses, with or without a focal reducer. As to details on planet images, could you be overexposing the images. Underexposing slightly is usually best, especially when stacking multiple images.
Subject:	Information about the MEADE Deep Sky Imager II
Sent:	Friday, July 25, 2008 10:43:08
From:	Mauricio Lpez Tovar (
Please tell me , if you know, if the Meade Deep Sky Imagen II, runs with
Windows Vista or not, There is not enough information in Meade manuals
about that.

If not, tell me what CCD camera and brand offers compatible cameras with
Windows Vista.

I have a problem, It is very difficult for me to find objects trough my
telescope because my eye problems. Is it possible to use those cameras
to have an live image of what the telescope is seen in the computer

Thank you for your answer.
Mauricio Lpez
Mike here: See the article "DSI and Microsoft Vista" on the Helpful Information: Astrophotography page. You can use an imager with a "live view" however due to the typically small field-of-view using that as the main source of viewing is challenging.

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