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Last updated: 11 November 2011

This page documents cellular phone digital camera comments, tips, and photos. Contributions welcome.

Subject:	photos with iphone
Sent:	Tuesday, November 8, 2011 18:22:39
From:	Brian King (
There is a apple phone holder that you can take photos through the eye
piece. I was wondering if you have any reviews? The web site has some
pictures through the phone: 
Thanks Brian
Mike here: I posted a review of the MX-1 on the Accessory Reviews: Astrophotography page in March 2011. Orion Telescopes is now selling the MX-1 as the "SteadyPix Telescope Photo Adapter for iPhone".

End of today's update

Mike here: I was interviewed by the New York Times for this article. But I only got a brief mention. They did use a photo I took. It is a nice article. If you have the newspaper, check the "Bright Ideas" section of the Sunday, 10 April 2011, edition.

End of 26 April 2011 update

Mike here: If you have an iPhone (or even if you don't), check out the iPhone Astronomy web site. Lots of great images and information. And if you do have an iPhone, be certain to read my reviews of the Magnilux MX-1 Afocal Adapter and the "Slow Shutter" iOS app.

End of 27 March 2011 update

Mike here: If you have been following my "Cassiopeia Observatory" reports, then you have seen my iPhone afocal astrophotography adapter and images. Sometimes, the results have been amazing. I have imaged planets, the moon, the Pleiades, and even the International Space Station. If you haven't checked out the reports, visit my "Cassipeia Observatory" web site and look through the iPhone reports on the "Reports" page.

End of 16 September 2010 update

Mike here: On 28 October 2008, I mentioned that a photo of Jupiter that I took with my iPhone made the news on "the iPod Observer". Well, that article was picked up by "Discover Magazine". Then "Modern Science" ran a story about it. And now today, CNET ran an article about it. And doing a Google search for "Jupiter + iPhone + astrophotography" yields many more mentions. Hard to believe that a photo I took with my little iPhone cell phone camera captured the imagination of so many people. But then I'm glad it did promote interest in astronomy!

End of 31 October 2008 update

Mike here: I took a photo of Jupiter and three of its moons using my Apple iPhone. It made the news on "the iPod Observer" web site.

End of 28 October 2008 update

Mike here: Apple iPhone I don't know if this is the first ever astrophotograph taken with the Apple iPhone but it is my first one! I finally unpacked some of my telescopes (one is still in CA; it will be picked up later this week when I drive back there). This was taken on Christmas Eve 2007 afocally with my ETX-70 with a 9mm eyepiece (39X). The Moon had just risen above the mountains so I went out onto the second-story patio (of our temporary home in Oro Valley, Arizona) and took the shot.


If you have an iPhone don't forget to check out the NOAO astrophotograph iPhone wallpaper at:

I use the Horsehead Nebula photo on my iPhone.


End of 26 December 2007 update

Subject:	Lastest sunspot pics
Sent:	Saturday, December 16, 2006 09:46:38
From:	Thomas Ogletree (
I love your site. I have directed many folks here for help. Please find
attached a pic from 12-10-06. I used my 125UHTC, a IR filter and a 25mm
or smaller EP. I used my Treo 650 Palm Phone hand held to the ep.


End of 19 December 2006 update

Subject:	ETX 125 Moon shots with a mobile phone
Sent:	Sunday, March 5, 2006 15:23:44
From:	Lee R (
i just thought you might like to see these, I took about 10 shots but
these were the clearest of the lot. They were taken at 21:30....
05/03/06 with a Nokia 6230i mobile phone held over the eyepiece of my
ETX 125 with it's 26mm ploosl and a meade broadband filter as well.. Not
bad for a mobile phone lol... Wishing you all the clear skies possible
from Lee R  Dover Kent UK...

photo photo

End of 8 March 2006 update

Subject:	Etx. fun
Sent:	Saturday, September 25, 2004 20:04:20
From: (
The moon through a phone camera and a 32Mm barlowed etx 90    
chris brown


This message was sent using Picture/Video Messaging from Verizon
I sent you a pic using my new my cell-phone of the moon, taken through
the phone-cam through my etx-90...

The phone has a 3.3mm lens (f2.8!) and I have been able to get pretty
good moon shots with it through my XT-8 and my etx-90...

It does require a good moon filter (parks, in this case), and you need a
steady hand, alot of eye-relief, and a wide exit pupil to catch it in
"hand-held" 32mm Sirius Plossl with ultima barlow does the
trick!! I'm still playing with the phone-camera's settings...

I may even wake up at 4:00am to try to catch Saturn with this combo!!

Chris Brown

End of 26 September 2004 update

Subject:	My first ETX 70 moon photo
Sent:	Friday, May 28, 2004 08:24:53
From: (
Great site! 

I've recently bought my first telescope a Meade ETX 70 AT which I'm very
impressed by I've wanted a telescope for years and I'm not disappointed
although getting the autostar to work took a while! Anyway I took a
photo of the moon using the camera on my mobile phone, I know it's not
very professional but I wonder if anyone else has tried it? I dont think
it looks too bad!


Mike here: Yep, others have used cell phone cameras; see the Helpful Information - Astrophotography - Cell Phones page.

End of 31 May 2004 update

Subject:	First attempt at Astrophotography....
Sent:	Friday, February 21, 2003 3:23:18
From: (Vampire Le Stat)
Attached is my first attempt at photography. As I'm afraid of the cold I
set the scope up in my front room with a 6.4mm 4000 series super plossl
eyepiece, looking through windows coated with brick dust (construction
work going on at the moment) at the moon as it sat at about 30 degrees
Elevation from the horizon. To cap it all, the photo was taken with my
Nokia 7650 cellular phone! I'm pretty impressed, considering the setup.

Thanks for the help.



End of 18 September 2003 update

Subject:	A couple of pics from my ETX
Sent:	Thursday, September 18, 2003 10:44:09
From: (Terry)
I've attached a couple of pictures that may be of interest for your fun
section .

I showed these to Rachel from Sky View Optics (very helpfull folk at
S.K.V. by the way) who suggested that I should send them to you.

The pictures were taken through my new ETX 125, with the std 26mm eye
piece (RA/Dec N/A) and my Nokia 7250i mobile phone!!

squirrel squirrel

Hope you like.

Mike here: Not astrophotography but neat cell phone photos with an ETX!

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