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Some ETX users have sent me examples of their astrophotography. If you have some examples you would like included here please send me a description of how you made the astrophotos and a copy of the images as GIF or JPEG files (due to internet email gateway issues, please send only one image file per message). Send to Alternatively, if you have created your own web page with your examples please let me know and I'll include a link to your site. You will also find astrophotography examples on the Helpful Information - Astrophotography page.

Submitted by: ( [20 Dec 04]
Finally after weeks of bad weather, good conditions yesterday for my long wanted M78.
Submitted by: ( [6 Dec 04]
here m33 and my new challanging result of ngc7027.
Job Geheniau
and by the way, Niall thanks and good luck. Very nice aurora photograph!


Submitted by: [4 Dec 04]
New experiment, ETX90 as guiding scope. Webcam with Pentax lens 70 mm (self made constuction Pretty wide field.
Submitted by: ( [19 Nov 04]
Attached M74 (just enough time to take the desired exposures) and a spectral analysis of Alkaid (Ursa Major). Comments in photograph.
Submitted by: [14 Nov 04]
Here ngc 891. Despite not enough exposures it's quite a nice picture.
Submitted by: Tommy Lim KW ( [10 Nov 04]
This is my latest astrophoto. Hope you all like it!
Mike here: I adjusted the levels somewhat to bring out the nebulosity.
Submitted by: [5 Nov 04]
Attached image with my new MX516/USB interface updated. M13 globular, 4 x 10 second exposures thorugh various filters on my ETX90. Captured with Astroart, and processed using PSP8. Hope it makes it to your deep sky section.
Submitted by: ( [28 Oct 04]
Submitted by: N Mukkavilli ( [26 Oct 04]
Attached are images of the Eagle and Swan nebulae imaged on the same night in September this year with my ETX 70. Seeing was exceptional. Location was my Sydney backyard which is quite light polluted. The webcam was an Atik 1c (modified Phillips TouCam)-29 images stacked for the eagle and around 20 for the Swan. The images were each 15 second exposures. Processed in Photoshop. Also attached is a greyscale image of NGC 253 -the Sculptor Galaxy imaged from a dark site earlier this month with the same gear. About 10 ten second and 10 twenty second images were stacked for this image.
Eagle Swan NGC253
Submitted by: [22 Oct 04]
It looked good tonight, suddenly it was over. Clouds were coming in. But Planetairy Nebula still are beautiful objects and I had enough exposures to make a nice picture of it.
Here one that I wanted to do for a long time!
Submitted by: Marco Schneider ( [18 Oct 04]
here another one from me: M42 with Meade ETX-70 and ToUCam Pro II. 82 frames stacked with Registax. Have phun...
Submitted by: Tommy Lim KW ( [14 Oct 04]
This is my second shot of 35 sec M42 in light polluted city. This time I use equatorial wedge to track. Far more better than Alt/az setup. But the focusing still out. Hehe...will try my best to get it focus in the next future.:) ETX125 with CP4500


Submitted by: ( [14 Oct 04]
Crossed a new border. Didn't expect to get this one. Stephans Quintet with ETX90. 5 (6) galaxies in one shot. Great challenge and the ETX90 did make it to get the light. Sorry to say, but pretty proud on this famous faint deep sky sight.
This ngc7331 is in the neighbourhood of Stephans Quintet and I thought I give it a try. Nice galaxy again. So hopefully I have some rest now, because I can't let my scope inside when it's clear. I'm hooked :-). But thank God it's raining today :-). But another nice one for the deepsky department. (Who had ever thought that there would ever be an ETX deepsky department when the ETX was launched....I didn't. But technology and patience give some good results together.)
Submitted by: ( [10 Oct 04]
Here a new exposure of NGC5907 made last night. Beautiful Galaxy.
Submitted by: ( [10 Oct 04]
I have raised the deepsky possibilities for the ETX90. Attached my second supernova done with ICX424 chip. Payed $300 for the new cam so that is still quite low price for a much more sensitive webcam. Hope you want to post in in the deepsky department of your website.
Super Nova

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