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Some ETX users have sent me examples of their astrophotography. If you have some examples you would like included here please send me a description of how you made the astrophotos and a copy of the images as GIF or JPEG files (due to internet email gateway issues, please send only one image file per message). Send to Alternatively, if you have created your own web page with your examples please let me know and I'll include a link to your site. You will also find astrophotography examples on the Helpful Information - Astrophotography page. ( [24 Jun 04]
A compilation of this year. The last one is Venus transition before Sun with 3 * Barlow and then inversed (so black Venus becomes white Venus).
Job Geheniau
The Netherlands
Quentin Vauthier [31 May 04]
Hello, I have an ETX and this is my last picture of jupiter for the guest planetary astrophotography. Jupiter, Europe and his shadow on the planet. 05/11/2004 at 20.30 TU ( 22.30 local time : France) Meade ETX 125 AT, barlow televue 2x and toucam pro II Raw mode ( 700 framesstacked)
Jupiter [31 May 04]
Took this pic in March and just converted it to a PowerPoint screen show. It's good Io eclipse taken from my mighty ETX-125. (Zipped PowerPoint required) [27 May 04]
Instead of not possible deepsky ( too many clouds and too long summer light), here a small Venus. Keeps getting lower and lower in the sky.
"Craig J. Kopra" ( [16 May 04]
With the planet Venus in crescent form on the 13th ofMay, our humid and hazy night here in Buffalo, NY gave it an orangey appearance. I have the Meade ETX-90EC and used the Scopetronix E-Z Pix and Olympus digital camera to take the photos and included one of Jupiter, of the same night. Just 3 images were stacked for Venus and 15 for Jupiter using Registax. Saturn was hidden by the haze, but I was able to see the International Space Station sail by rapidly that evening!
Venus, Jupiter [8 May 04]
I had successfully made the etx125 photo port T-Adapter ,that is my Astrophotos
Saturn [8 May 04]
Here a nice Venus with ETX90 done (and a little Photoshop extra)
"ROBERT Derouin" ( [25 Apr 04]
Attached you'll find a digital image of Venus taken with the Meade 125etx,Meade 12.4mm plossl for approx 153x,and shot with a Nikon Coolpix 4300 digital camera.A EUH-1 electronic cable release(from Nikon) was used and the camera was at its 3x zoom setting.The exposure was 1/60th @f/4.9.It was taken Saturday evening April 24,2004.A Digi-T adapter was also used!!!
"Christoph Jansen" ( [25 Apr 04]
here is an example of the images I took last nightunder exceptionally good seeing conditions, a "once a year" night. When I first looked into the eyepiece there was almost no turbulence, the transparency was perfest. Although I knew this was a special occasion,I was more than delighted about the results,they were better than I ever hoped. The detail exeeds anything I recorded on Jupiter before.
Jupiter on Apr 24 2004, 19:50 and 19:58 UT from Bad Zwischenahn, Germany. N = up, E = right. Seeing 10/10.Io in Transit andEuropa are visible. Recorded in focus with ETX 125, 2x TeleVue Barlow, ToUCam Pro at 10 fps. 550/570 of 650/690 AVI frames stacked and processed with Registax 2.1.
More of these images under
"James Jefferson-Wilson James" ( [25 Apr 04]
Hope all is well, please see my latest planet pics. All info is on the picture.
"Justin" ( [22 Apr 04]
Hi, I just wanted to send in my latest Jupiter image. Feel free to post it on your site. ETX-125 UHTC + Celestron Ultima 2X Barlow + ToUCam 840. Processed using Registax.
Jupiter [22 Apr 04]
just a brief one, with latest Sun and Jupiter images. Taken from my home in WIltshire. ETX90AC, 1244 focuser (recent aquisition), TOucam pro 2 and Creative Webcam Pro EX, Barlow 2x, K3 CCD and registax for image processing.
Thanks again for great site, you saved my 1244!!!
Click for full size image (92KB) [22 Apr 04]
MEADE ETX-125EC with 2x Apo Barlow Lense and PHILIPS ToUCam pro and stacked with Registrax. Those 2 pics were acquired during the 29th of march (1/33s, 10fps).
Jupiter Jupiter
Peter Roelofs ( [18 Apr 04]
Hope all is well. I'm sending you two pictures I made, one of Jupiter and one of Saturn. Made both april 15th with my ETX-105 and a PhilipsToUCam. Processed and stacked them in Registax and a little fine-tuning in PhotoshopElements. I'm really enjoying my great scope and slowly start to get better pics. Hope you enjoy them and post them on your site.
Jupiter Saturn
"Jan" ( [14 Apr 04]
It's been a while that I've tried to take images of Jupiter and Saturn. This is the result of my latest session. Hope you got some place in de planet gallery ! :)
For more image info check my site: or
"Craig M. Bobchin" ( [14 Apr 04]
I tried again for Jupiter, this time with a 2x Celestron Ultima barlow with the LPI on my ETX 105. I took 102 BMPS and stacked, aligned and processed with Registax. Io is just coming off the limb as well as the red spot being dead center. Take a look and tell me what you think. Post it if you feel it is worthy. I'll see you on Tues. at the Astro Imagers meeting.
Here is another, this is also from last night. It is 3 images showing Io getting closer to the disk then the last shot I sent you. I think it is a pretty decent progression. I'm starting to really like this Meade LPI. Now I just have to fool around with a couple of other programs.
"Chuck Falcone" ( [14 Apr 04]
Thought I would send this photo to you for posting. I took all three images from my backyard, (San Diego),last night. Venus was taken in incandescent. Jupiter and Saturn taken in daylight setting. AVIs at 5fps for 2 minutes. Aligned and stacked with Registax. Crop all images and reduced to 80% of originals to make composite. Equipment: ETX125EC UTCand Quickcam Pro 4000.
Thanks for a informative and fun site!
Chuck Falcone
Lat 32 46.8 Long 117 4.2
"Becky" ( [14 Apr 04]
Please find attached pictures of Jupiter and Saturn taken with Toucam pro and ETX 105. Not too bad first attempt with this webcam.Details are also on picture.
Hoping too get some more clear skies here in the UK.
Becky (Gosport, UK)
Paul Campbell ( [11 Apr 04]
I have a meade etx 125 anda sac7 camera that I use in polar mode. I clean the photo's up with registax. Jupiter photo's are 2min. avi's@1/25 sec.
Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter
Saturn photo's are 3min. avi's @1/10
Saturn Saturn Saturn
"Paul" ( [11 Apr 04]
This will probably be one of the final ETX shots you will see from me. And I chose a subject that was well suited to the Mighty ETX. And that is the tiny planet Mercury. As you well know, Mercury is VERY difficult to shoot because of its proximity to the sun and because it is always low in the sky when visible. I decided to use my ETX 90 because I knew I would never be able to set up my brand new 10" LX200GPS-SMT in time. So this shot was taken with my Canon G3 and a Meade 12.4mm ep using a Digi-T ring. Actually the result you see here is after stacking and processing 17 images in Registax 2 and also a little bit of fixing in Photoshop Elements.
All of my other ETX images can still be found in my gallery here:
and my other astrophotos can be found here:
and here:
"Franck Bouquerel Planetis" ( [11 Apr 04]
Please find here for your web site a Photo of Jupiter
ETX125 with a barlow x2 (F3800mm, F/D=30)
Done at Saint-Genis Laval, Rhone, France
Acquisition AstroSnap v1.3f2
Traitement Registax v2.1.14
Blue Fliter 80A, 1/25 s, 10 images/s, gamma 0, gain 50%, Composit 450 images, ondelette 0/10/20/20/10/0
I also add our nice wall paper (1200x780)
Click for full-size image [4 Apr 04]
Jupiter taken by alain Bouchez on 3-26-04. Recorded about 300 frames and stacked in Prism. ETX 125 and vesta pro camera
Paul Campbell ( [4 Apr 04]
here are two photo's one of Jupiter, one of saturn both are 2 min. avi's

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