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This page is for user comments and information of a general nature or items applicable to all LXD55 models. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Subject:	LXD55 Questions
Sent:	Wednesday, August 31, 2005 16:51:12
From:	Tony Gaetano (tony.gaetano@gmail.com)
I am a long time LXD55 user, however I am ready to upgrade my basic
equitorial mount to a motorized mount with an autostar controller.  Can
I upgrade my existing mount with an electric motor and hook up an
autostar controller to it?  If so, how would I got about making this
upgrade?  I have never seen anything taht allows you to upgrade your
existing system.  If you could help me out I would be greatful.

Thank you,

Tony Gaetano.
Mike here: Since you have the LXD55 mount all you need to get is the Autostar #497 and plug it into the mount where you current connect the standard handcontroller.
Subject:	Autostar LXD55 proc trap error
Sent:	Tuesday, August 30, 2005 07:48:36
From:	dean watson (dean_reading@lycos.co.uk)
My names Dean Watson- I've had a good look over your very helpful site
but found it a little hard to find an answer to my problem.  When using
Autostar for a period, sometimes I get a Proc trap error (I'm not sure
which one)- I gather from your site this is something I really don't
want, but can't readilly see a remedy/.fix for this here.  I spoke to
the dealer who suggested switching off then back on and immediately
(presumably before the solar warning) pressing enter and down arrow (is
that the direction or the scroll down arrow?- I've tried both)  at the
same time (presumably to reboot it or something)- I tried this and
nothing happened other than going through the time, date menus etc
(unless I was doing it wrong/wrong stage in the process etc).

I was hoping you could give me (and everyone else)- while having
decribed the causes elsewhere, a definitive set of suggestions I could
try as to fixing the individual causes without reference to downloads or
complex software fiddling that I could use in the field, or suggestions
as to what I may be doing wrong (without realising) or need to do-
otherwise, do I need to return/exchange the mount with my dealer if the
fix is outside my reasonably non technical province?

Thanks ever so much for this (and all the other tips I see elsewhere)- I
look forward to your thoughts and suggestions.
Mike here: What your dealer was describing was the SAFE LOAD (hold down the ENTER and SCROLLDOWN arrow on the lower right corner of the Autostar and then turn on the telescope) procedure which is not necessarily what you want to do UNLESS you have the #505 serial cable and a means to connect it to your computer. You will also need Meade's Autostar Update application or one of the third party alternatives for Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows. SAFE LOAD allows you to totally install a new version of the Autostar ROM file, overwriting a corrupted version in the Autostar's memory. If you do have the cable (which you can buy or make; details on making one are on the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page, as is the info on the updating applications. The error you were seeing is likely a PROC 2 error; again info is on the Autostar Info page.
Subject:	Scope wont come to focus
Sent:	Monday, August 29, 2005 21:12:38
From:	Martin Forster (mforste@hotmail.com)
I had my lxd75 ar5 out the other night and was trying to use my
eyepieces without the diagonal. I could never get a star to come to
focus, its like the draw tube would have to travel out farther in order
for it to come to focus. Is this normal? What would be causing this???


Mike here: Since I don't have one I can't check but from your description I suspect the focal plane is located beyond the length of the tube and that the diagonal is required. This is not abnormal for some telescope models.
Subject:	LXd55 tracking question
Sent:	Friday, August 26, 2005 12:35:46
From:	JOHN PALADINI (jpaladin1@suscom.net)
I know that when you pick target : astronomical    -   mount tracks
using RA  motor  only

But if you lock on target using GOTO  does it track target  using both
RA and DEC motors?
Mike here: It may.
Subject:	Question regarding LXD75 mount
Sent:	Tuesday, August 23, 2005 19:33:05
From:	Martin Forster (mforste@hotmail.com)
I am hoping you can enlighten me regarding a problem I am experiencing
with my LXD75 mount. I purchased the LXD75 AR5 EC. No autostar, just a
keypad to slew the telescope. When standing behind the mount if I slew
to the right the RA motor will slew and then stop when you release the
arrow button which is what it should do, but then the motor moves just a
little bit in the opposite direction. It will not do this if you slew to
the left. I took the little access panel off of the RA drive motor and
watched the gears move just a little bit after doing a slew to the
right. It does this without the tube or the counter weight on.

I did a little experimenting and found that with the tracking mode off
the gears did not make the movement at the end of a slew, it only does
it with the tracking mode on. However, this is a bit annoying because
you have to compensate and readjust each time you slew to an object.

Also, the RA motor makes a high pitched whine when slewing to the right
and a lower pitched whine when slewing to the left. Not sure if this has
anything to do with my problem.

I have checked out the motor for any loose screws and adjusted the 5
screws that hold the motor and worm assembly to the mount. Any help
would be appreciated.

Mike here: This is "backlash", which the Autostar can correct for (but not the standard EC handcontroller). Besides checking the motor and worm assembly, you should also check the gears to verify they are not loose and are meshing correctly.
Subject:	Hypertune DVD
Sent:	Monday, August 22, 2005 05:13:52
From:	Alan parker (parkerauk@yahoo.co.uk)
Hi Mike and just like the rest of the people out there thanks for a
great site, I have just read about Steve getting the hypertune kit, I
just got the DVD and although I am in the UK the DVD played fine and
after (you are right) at least 3 look throughs I successfully dismantled
my LXD75 mount and amazingly put it back together again, nobody more
surprised than me and I know now the joy some have taking engines apart.
I had noticed that the Dec axis shaft was rotating in an ellipse, when I
came to taking that apart I had a job to release it (it should have
pulled apart easily) I was able to re-seat it and it now turns in one
plane. The mount now runs beautifully and tracks accurately for as long
as I have wanted it to so far, (over 1/2 an hour). Just thought I would
share it with you.
A Parker (UK)

Subject:	Meade LXD 75 Polar Axis Finder
Sent:	Tuesday, August 16, 2005 09:22:20
From:	Jerald Smith (jeraldasmith@comcast.net)
Their are seven screws on the Polar Axis Finder.  Meade does not include
instructions indicating what they are for.

I did not want to try and adjust them until I had an Idea what they
adjust or hold.

Jerry Smith
Mike here: I'm not certain what screws you mean; my LXD55 mount doesn't have any visible screws for the Polar Axis Finder. But for more info on the Finder, see the related articles on my LXD Site Home Page.
Subject:	LXD55
Sent:	Monday, August 15, 2005 08:40:58
From:	Denis Cook (denis@xionone.co.uk)
Apologies for disturbing you,
I am looking for a PEC control software application for my LXD55. I have
seen several for the LDX75 however I am sure that I found an app' for
the LXD55 about a year ago and now I cannot locate it. This app'
specifically mentioned that it did not need the alternate hardware of
the LXD75 but required the '55 scope to be parked so the system could
'remember' its position, since there was no 'start point' indicated by
the hardware.

Are you aware of this application, and do you have a URL for download?
Thanks for your time,
Mike here: Do you mean the "PEC Data Editor/Viewer" listed on the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page?


Ahh yes I understand what's going on now, once I updated my Autostar 497
firmware and had a play with all the menus.

Do you know of a full set of online user guide/instructions for the
latest firmware?


Mike here: Only what is posted on my Site and in the READ ME.
Subject:	Autostar Initializing Problems
Sent:	Sunday, August 14, 2005 12:48:46
From:	Stan Herman (snherman@erols.com)
I just had the oddest thing happen to my Autostar hand controller for my
LXD-55 mount. It had been working fine for the one year that I have had
it. At this weekend's club star party, I was in the process of going to
my second alignment star. While I was centering the star using the dec
directional and slew rate number keys, after I released the dec slew
button, the scope continued to slew without stopping. I had to shut off
the power to stop the slewing. When I turned the power back on, upon the
initializing process, the scope started to slew in dec  and none of the
handpad buttons would function. Also, all button lights, including the
top spotlight remained on. The display showed the correct date, but the
first number of the date was cycling. If I removed the dec cable
connection to the mount before turning on the power, the scope didn't
slew in dec (expected), but the rest of the handbox symptoms remained.
The following day (today)I decided to do an upgrade to the handbox from
the Meade site. I figured this may solve the problem, and I wanted the
latest update anyway. Using my 505 cable, I did a successful upgrade to
the handbox; however, when I turned on the Autostar to initiate, there
was no change in the original problem. I have version 34Ec installed.
Perhaps a reset is required; however, I cannot do a reset from the
handbox since the buttons are nonfunctional at this point. Any
suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Mike here: You might try the tips in the article "Testing Autostar Communications" on the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page. Lastly, if that doesn't help, do a SAFE LOAD, which should totally reload the Autostar ROM. One other thought: have you replaced the batteries with fresh ones? Also, before doing that SAFE LOAD you might try just reversing the Autostar cable.


I do use external gel-cell batteries (either a 12 amp primary, or 7 amp
backup) .  I did try switching to my backup battery, and no change. 
I'll proceed with the safe load, as you recommended, and let you know
how I make out.

Thanks so much for your quick response.  I've been reading your website
for over four years now, and it has provided me with an abundance of
info for my ETX and LXD scopes.

And an update:
I did the safe load tonight.  It loaded successfully; however, upon
initialization, the same problem occurs.  I did reverse the Autostar
cable, and I am using a fully charged external battery source. Is it
time to contact Meade, or are there any other things I might try first?


Mike here: On the date cycling problem, can you see what is cycling? Could it be that a key is stuck in the down position?

And an update:

Well, thanks to you and the Yahoo user group, I solved my problem.  One
thing I had failed to mention to you was that about nine months ago I
did the Scopetronics keypad contact enhancement mod.  (It does work
great, no matter how cold the night).  Apparently, I must have applied a
bit too much of the goop on one of the dec buttons, and over time the
some of the stuff must have migrated onto the circuit board contact,
causing a short (as if the dec button were continually pressed).  That
explains the tendency to immediately go into the dec slewing mode. One
of the Yahoo LXD-55 folks suggested that I check it out, and lo and
behold, there was the problem!  I used a pink pencil eraser to remove
the excess goop, and some isopropyl alcohol clean everything up, tried
an initialization and alignment - and all seems fine.

Anyway, I'm glad I did download the latest Autostar application, because
now I have the 3-star alignment option.

I"ll do a calibrate and train, and I should be all set.  I certainly
don't mind if you want to share this with your group, because I bet
there may be others who may experience a similar problem.

Stan Herman

Subject:	lxd75 Focuser
Sent:	Saturday, August 13, 2005 13:04:00
From:	Marcel (marcel.king@ntlworld.com)
first may i say many thanks for your website wealth of knowledge shared.

ok my question is , is there a electric focuser available for the lxd75
is so does it run from the control panel on the mount or is it a
seperate handbox.

many thanks, and greeting from the england.
Mike here: There are electric focusers for some of the telescope models that can be mounted on the LXD75 (and LXD55) mounts. JMI has the most designs.
Subject:	[none]
Sent:	Friday, August 12, 2005 06:17:36
From:	peter-muks@t-online.de (peter-muks@t-online.de)
I'm writing from germany to you. Have one problem with my

When i push my GOTO buttom everything works fine. But my telescope
follows a star for ca. 15 sec than it stops for a sec and goes on for 15

and so on!!
Can you help me?
Mike here: PLEASE read the Email Etiquette item on the LXD Home Page; your message was originally DELETED UNREAD as SPAM due to the BLANK subject line. Thanks for understanding.
Have you done the CALIBRATE MOTORS and TRAIN DRIVES (both axes) steps?


Yes i've done it, for a few times but nothing changes!
Mike here: OK, sounds like you need to check the gears for slippage. Open the housing covers and check them; sometimes the small setscrews work loose.
Subject:	Of Power supply leads and graphite core's....
Sent:	Friday, August 12, 2005 05:20:16
From:	martin dawson (flugluftholgate@hotmail.co.uk)
Having nothing but trouble with the LXD-55 mount on my Meade AR-5 5-in
refractor. It would not track at the correct rate, or all of a sudden it
would move (once it pushed a eye-piece into my eye...). I reasoned it
was a temperature problem at first as it was always very cold when it
would fail, then I tried a separate power supply that worked, but I did
not want to spend any more money on a 1000 telescope and frankly I was a
bit fed up of Meade...

One day at work, I scrapped off an old television set and found a
graphite core or ring and reasoned that if I wrapped my power lead
around it, may be, just may  be, it would cure it. It did! after some
five outings I have had the telescope tracking beautifully, please refer
to the pictures.

photo photo
Martin Dawson flugluftholgate@hotmail.co.uk As a foot note I found a canvas bag that holds the batteries and protects the Meade provided case.
Mike here: Meade used to include a ferrite core on the Autostar cable with the LXD55 models. When I first set up my LXD55-8"SC I had a similar report to what you reported. When I reversed the cable (to place the core next to the GEM head control panel) the problem immediately went away.


thanks for your very quick reply,

yes, you are right Meade do supply a ferrite core on the Autostar lead
and it is near the hand controller on mine, will have to look at it
again, perhaps tonight we are out at Doncaster in south yorkshire but
the weather is bad.

I placed my core on the power supply lead.

Have to dash wife's done me tea!!!

Subject:	Hypertune kit
Sent:	Wednesday, August 10, 2005 17:17:44
From:	Steve (bullfox@comcast.net)
I recently ordered the Hypertune kit with new teflon bearings for my
LXD55 8" SC.  Any comments or sjggestions before I start taking things
Mike here: Read the instructions and view the video (did you get the DVD version?) three times before you start working on the telescope. Be certain you fully understand what the instructions are telling you. Set aside twice the time expected to complete the job. Prevent any interruptions in your work. Take your time as you go through the steps. Many people have done the Hypertune successfully so if you are careful and patient, you shouldn't have any problems. If you would like to write up your experiences I will post them on the LXD site.


Thanks for the prompt reply.  I am getting the DVD.  I will let you know
how it works out.

Subject:	Re: Is my LXD-75 broken? (latest news)
Sent:	Wednesday, August 10, 2005 07:16:31
From:	Dave Wallace (d_wallace@ecrm.com)
On August 3rd, I was able to get through to Meade Customer Support
(after 20 minutes on hold) and explained (or tried to) about the
declination drive problem.  I don't think the support person really
understood that the problem wasn't an alignment issue but a difficulty
with the servo loop itself.  The guy eventually gave me a code number
and said to pack up the mount and the autostar and ship it back along
with a copy of the invoice, under warrantee.  But after ten months,
finding a sales invoice in the chaos around my place is virtually
impossible.  :/  Moral:  be sure to keep the paperwork where you can
find it! (I'll probably come across the invoice a year from now.)

Thank heavens OPT (where I bought the scope) is better organized that I
am!  I contacted OPT's customer support and they mailed me a duplicate
copy of the invoice, no problem, even though the store moved to a
different building in the meantime.  The duplicate invoice arrived in
yesterday's mail.  Outstanding!

Now all I need to do is figure out if Meade is in the process of sending
me some official paperwork (and possibly a shipping label) or whether I
simply box it up and ship it out there (wherever *there* is) with that
code number written on the outside of the box.  Just what *is* the deal
with warrantee service returns to Meade?
Mike here: Unless you heard otherwise, you ship to Meade. Be certain to put the RMA# (or whatever they call it) on the outside of the box as well as inside.
Subject:	LXD55 go to problem
Sent:	Monday, August 8, 2005 09:30:05
From:	Douglas Hankins (doug@wetlabs.com)
I have a 10in SN on the LXD55 mount.  I purchased this scope new a few
years ago but haven't had time until recently to actually play with it. 
I have upgraded the firmware with the most recent version and performed
the drive training, calibration and so forth.  I cannot get the scope to
do a go-to properly.  In fact, when doing any of the alignment methods
it requires major adjustments to center the alignments star(s).  For

Using the 2 star alignment,  Start at the Polar Home Position, center up
Polaris, push Enter, slews to an Alignment star, center it (with major
adjustment needed).  Then ask the scope to do a Go-To another star such
as Vega.  It will be way off.  Center up Vega, Sync the scope and ask it
to Go-To the Ring Nebula (short Go-To).  It will slew off some distance
then slew back to Vega, beep and proclaim it is on the Ring Nebula.

I have checked for gear slippage.  I have done the polar alignment with
the RA motor on both the east side of the scope and the west side of the
scope for the Polar Home Position.  I have tried to input a slightly
different locale such as a different Oregon city. Nothing seems to
change this behavior.  I'm hoping someone else has experienced this and
can offer some insight as to what to do.  I'm basically ready to heave
the thing into the land fill

Thanks for your time!
Mike here: DO NOT USE Polaris as an alignment star. It is (obviously) too close to the pole and ANY small error in position will result in a major alignment error. Try using an Easy Alignment and let the Autostar do the picking. For even better results, do a 1 star alignment first (to align to Polaris) and then do an Easy Alignment.


Thanks for the quick reply!  I have tried your suggestion... but will
try again just to be sure.  I pulled the covers off the motors and found
the set screw(s) on a couple of the gear slightly loose.  That would
account for some backlash but I don't think it would cause what I am
experiencing. Anyway I will try the Easy Alignment method again.


Doug Hankins
Mike here: If the gears are slipping then the slewing will be inaccurate. So this could be the source of the problem.
Subject:	Autostar question
Sent:	Thursday, August 4, 2005 08:24:42
From:	fannta (fannta@interware.hu)
First of all i'd like to ask you to excuse my poor english and
disturbing you with my questions , I guess you get a lot of mails
regarding the Meade scopes . 8-)

I have read the posts and FAQs , email , etc. on your LXD site , but
there are also a few things that are not clear to me , i'd be very happy
if you could help me .

I'd like to adapt the Autostar DS Motors and a 497 Controller to a
non-Meade mount . This mount uses two different sized gear wheels for
the two axles . This actually means that the Alt-encoders will provide a
totally different amount of pulses for a 360 degree turn than the
Az-encoders . Is the Autostar capable of learning this ? I hope it is
clear to you what i'd like to ask/know 8-)

The other thing i'd like to ask , is , if the sidereal tracking speed is
a factory preset speed or if the speed is determined during the "train
motors" / "star allignment" procedure .

Thank you very much in advance .

best regards , Gergely
Mike here: See the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page, in particular, the article "Steve Bedair's "Go To" Mounts" for info on using other mounts with the Autostar. Sidereal is factory set but how the Autostar controls the drives is influenced by the CALIBRATE MOTORS and TRAIN DRIVES.

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