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Last updated: 4 November 2010
Subject:	Jupiter 31 October ETX-90
Sent:	Tuesday, November 2, 2010 03:35:57
From:	Maurice Collins (
Here is Jupiter on Oct 31 at 0820UT with the ETX-90 and 2xbarlow. I have
enlarged it from the original image by about 1.5x.


Here is Jupiter from tonight, Nov 2 with the ETX-90 and 2x barlow. The
image is enlarged 150% from the original. The GRS is rotating into view
in this the last shot I took tonight at 0815UT (9:15pm local).


Seeing A-III average, not good.
Telescope: Meade ETX-90/RA
Camera: Meade LPI at 0.25 sec exposure and contrast manual and set to
white clip outside the histogram at around 140 approx. Capture software:
Envisage software that comes with camera.
Gain: 47, Offset: 45
438 jpg images stacked out of 480 captured in Registax 5

Regsitax Wavelet processing numbers:
1: 34.8
2: 43.7
3: 54.5
4: 50.7
5: 21.6
6: 41.2

Processed in Photoshop CS4 by increasing the size in 10% increments to
150%, turning to Lab color and doing a smart sharpen on the lightness at
20%, 1.1 pixels. Flipping image horizontal to take out the mirror
diagonal. Adjusting the brightness with curves slightly.

Hope that helps. The seeing was not good, so it would be good to see one
when we have a steady night.

For the Oct 31 image, the numbers should be the same as I use a saved
setting file for Registax. I have reprocessed it in registax and the
number of frames was 425 stacked out of 492 captured as Jupiter drifted
off screen.

End of today's update
Subject:	Meade LPI astro Imager
Sent:	Thursday, October 21, 2010 08:04:35
From:	Ted Bade (
Several years ago I purchased a Meade LDX75 Telescope, which came with
the LPI camera, which I was never able to use, since I am a long time
Mac fan and user. I was very happy to find your web area which discusses
getting this cam to work native on the Mac.

I installed the driver you recommended on my MacBook Pro (which I use to
control my 'scope when I am outside). It appears to work. I just got it
to work today, so I have't had a chance to actually focus on something.
But I am very hopeful. With the weather here in New England, it might
take me a few days to get a window to give it a try. But with Jupiter
being such a great target, I hope I get a chance soon.

So I just wanted to say Thank You!!!! (thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!)

Ted Bade

End of 22 October update
Subject:	first lpi image
Sent:	Saturday, August 21, 2010 00:40:23
From:	patrick hackelton (
Here is my first stacked image using etx 90ec and lpi. stacked images
with registack 5 and played with color and sharpness in photophilter, I
know thats cheating....LOL. well anyway hope you like. I'm only a
begineer, only had scope and camera for a week, took the whole week just
to learn how to use everthing LOL. Oh! I love this site, Thanks for the
great etx site Mike!!!


End of 23 August update
Subject:	Jupiter image from 06/18/10 with Meade ETX 125PE
Sent:	Wednesday, June 23, 2010 20:58:31
From:	Robert Amdahl (
Here's an image that I took on 06/18/10 with a Meade ETX 125PE, a Meade
LPI and no Barlow.  It is another image of Jupiter showing the GRS and
the faded SEB.  I like these images better than some of the other ones
that I have taken recently because I think that I may have figured out
something that I was doing wrong.  Previously, I had the gain and offset
set too high and the exposure times too short.  The LPI just isn't
sensitive enough to gather the information it needs that way and the
pictures seemed to show it.  For these sessions, I set both the gain and
offset lower and increased the exposure time.  It seemed to work better.
 I guess I learned that the LPI is like a webcam but not quite.  But it
does provide some tools that you can work with.  Too bad they aren't
sold anymore; I am learning quite a bit about the basics with mine.

Also, this was taken before I dropped the LPI on the ground with a loud

Hope you enjoy this image.


Here's another Jupiter from 06/18/10 with a Meade ETX 125PE, Meade LPI
and a 2X Barlow.  This was after the LPI had fallen to the ground so I
think it may still be working.  However, I wasn't sure if it would
again.  After it had fallen, it wasn't working right and I had to
restart both the computer and the app a couple times.  Between the
problems that I had with my hand controller and this, I need to change
my setup procedures.  Otherwise I'm afraid it could start costing money.

Again, I had the gain and offset set lower and the exposure time
increased and I am more pleased with these images.  I still have a lot
of things to learn and practice (esp., focusing) but I thought I made
some progress.

Hope you also enjoy this image and I apologize if I get too wordy but I
hope that somebody else just starting out may learn something.  I know
that I have from folks who have posted on your site.  That is why it is
the best.  But if I am too wordy, please let me know and I will tone it

Thanks again,


Mike here: Always glad to post explicit tips and experiences. As you've noted, they help others.

End of 26 June update
Subject:	Lpi pics of the Moon
Sent:	Thursday, June 17, 2010 04:43:08
From:	Bob Keats (
Thought you might like to see some of the pictures I have taken of the
Moon with a Meade NGC60 and LPI camera.I am going to try for some more
with my ETX 125 now I have the hang of things.





End of 20 June update
Subject:	Moon ETX LPI 2010MAR23
Sent:	Wednesday, March 24, 2010 17:46:31
From:	Nohr Tillman (
Got this last night through the little ETX-90 in polar axis mode with
Autostar running the sidereal rate.

Was about 22:30 EDT so the moon was very high and near transit, plus or

Let the LPI and Envisage take a bunch of raws, then combine into a jpeg

Honest this is only about ten combined raws with no filter...combining
took the shimmer out of an otherwise unstable sky at about 55 deg F.

ETX-90 LPI 2X barlow
Nohr Tillman
Troy, MI, USA, Earth


End of 28 March update
Subject:	2010MAR18 Mars - 1
Sent:	Tuesday, March 23, 2010 06:53:46
From:	Nohr Tillman (
Did a little more playing around with Mars and Envisage to see what I
could get. It's taken me three years with this equipment to figure out
how to image, and image process, but worth the wait, I think. I set up
the ETX-90 and LPI and tinkered with it for around an hour. By then the
whole rig was tracking stable and the focus stayed put with everything
at ambient temperature of 55deg F. I used the "centering box" in
Envisage and let it take several raw images at 50% or better. I didn't
combine them live, but did the stacking the next morning using the
"centering box" again on the raws. First image is a composite of 15-20
raws that Envisage stacked in post-processing with the hard-edge kernal
filter. Second image is the same series of raws combined with edges-only
kernal brings out the ice cap.



Continuing...similar images using the same technique. Raws were taken on
the same night as the prior set, and combined the next morning. This was
another combined series showing some red shades and the ice cap. I'm
starting to believe this is actual detail that I'm pulling down with the
ETX-90, LPI, 2X barlow and the Meade Envisage software. I also flipped
these horizontally to correct for the Mak mirror inversion. Mars Today confirmed that the northern ice cap is
tipped toward us slightly right now.
First image, post-process of around 20 raw files using hard edge kernal
filter. Second image, post process of same series of raws using
edges-only filter.



Nohr Tillman
Troy, MI, USA, Earth

End of 24 March update
Subject:	Replacement for Lpi follow-up
Sent:	Sunday, February 21, 2010 17:35:04
From:	George Messmer (
Thanks for the suggestions on the LPI and DSI.   When I began having
trouble getting the Autostar/Lpi working, I called Meade and they were
not able to resolve my problem.  The person I talked to mailed me a Disk
of the original version of Autostar that was issued when the LPI came
out.  I now have " a back to the basics" situation.  My intention is to
use the ETX90PE  with the LPI strictly as a Solar system scope and
camera.  As I learn more and become more proficient in Astronomy, I will
move up a notch.

Thanks again for your input, and for the many assists your web site has
given to me over the past 2 years or so.

Hope you have fully recovered from your flu episode.

George Messmer
Port St Lucie, Fl
Mike here: Thanks for the update. Keep me posted on your LPI efforts. And thanks for the well-wishes. Fully recovered and back to observing from Cassiopeia Observatory.

End of 24 February update
Subject:	Replacement for LPI imager
Sent:	Wednesday, February 10, 2010 18:06:36
From:	George (
I have an ETX 90 Premiere with the LPI imager.  Due a hiatus from
Astronomy, I am just getting around to trying the LPI.  From what I have
read, the LPI doesn't seem to get along to well with windows, and Meade
no longer supports it.  Is the DSI a viable option for the ETX90 or
should I be looking for an imager more matched to the 90.
Thanks for the help
George Messmer
Mike here: There are some tips on the Helpful Information: Astrophotography page that may help you get the AutoStar Suite and the LPI working with more recent versions of Windows. Yes, the DSI will work fine with the ETX-90 but remember, you are still using Meade's AutoStar Suite software. Alternatively, you can use some types of webcams and various applications for imaging with a webcam.

End of 12 February update
Subject:	Re: How can I get the LPi to work with windows7?
Sent:	Thursday, January 21, 2010 13:16:47
From:	Stephen Bird (
The issue of the LPI with Windows Vista and now Windows 7 has been
around the block a few times. In short Meade has not made and does not
intend ever making drivers for the LPI to work with Windows 7 or Windows

There have been people who claim to have got the LPI to load on Vista by
allowing Windows to load the equivalent Trust 14823 webcam driver which
matches the CMOS chip spec used in the LPI. However the instant you do
this you lose the long exposure capability and it means the camera is
virtually useless for anything other than terrestrial work or the Moon
if you are lucky. Basically the Trust 14823 driver makes the LPI into an
ordinary webcam of the same quality as you get from K-Mart for 10 bucks!

For Windows Vista and Windows 7 64 bit, forget it, unless the hardware
supplier says they have 64 bit drivers, it is highly unlikely to work,
same for much of the software.

However a little light at the end of the tunnel for Windows 7 Premium
and better users, there is apparently a feature that can emulate Windows
XP working so this might work with 32 bit versions. This is only for 32
bit of course, 64 bit can't emulate 32 bit I understand.

I gave up on my LPI and ebay'ed it and use a long exposure modified
webcam and my DSI.

So not great news and maybe why Meade give the LPI free with some of
their telescopes, probably have a warehouse full to get rid of!
Stephen Bird

End of 22 January update
Subject:	Re: How can I get the LPi to work with windows7?
Sent:	Friday, January 15, 2010 06:55:57
From:	Bob Keats (
Firstly I'd like to say you have a really great site,very useful.

As for my problems ,it does not look good.Firstly I forgot to say the
version of Windows 7 I have is 64 bit so that creates its own problems
as the software for the lpi is I think 32 bit,also my version is the
"Home" edition.I looked at some of the advice on your site and found
from "Ray Tomlinson" a piece about his problems with a similar setup.I
read his very comprehensive guide and the upshot is I would need to
upgrade my version of Windows7 and then buy a copy of Windows XP before
I could attempt to get things working.As I still have my old Laptop
running XP I think I will continue with that until such time as a driver
is created for Windows7.

I tried installing the Autostar suite v5.5 to see if it had any drivers
but they are not there in that version.

Thanks for all your help,I shall certainly be keeping an eye on your
brilliant website


End of 16 January update
Subject:	How can I get the LPi to work with windows7?
Sent:	Monday, January 11, 2010 05:32:34
From:	Bob Keats (
I don't know if you can help but I have recently bought a new laptop
with windows7 on and I would like to use the LPi camera I have with it
but when I load the Autostar software it cannot find the camera and
attempts to find a compatable driver for the lpi fail.

Mike here: Have you installed version 5.5 of the AutoStar Suite? I don't know if it has a Windows 7 driver (since I don't use Windows) but it is the latest version. If that doesn't help, see the article "LPI and Microsoft Vista" on the Helpful Information: Astrophotography page. Perhaps the tips there will help with Windows 7.


Thank you for the prompt reply,I'll try and let you know.


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