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Mike here: I have recently commented about Scopetronix and CNC Parts Supply. See:

October 2007 - Scopetronix
January 2008 - Scopetronix, CNC Parts Supply
March 2008 - Final: Scopetronix, CNC Parts Supply

Here are some recent comments from others:

Subject:	Scoptronix & CNC
Sent:	Friday, May 16, 2008 09:03:22
From:	George Browne (
I recently purchased products from both CNC & Scopetronix.  My
experience with CNC was excellent!  They replied to my emails and
shipped promptly.  The quality and condition of the goods purchased was
excellent.  Unfortunately I can't say the same for Scopetronix.  They
have never replied to any of my emails, of which I have sent 4.  I also
tried calling the phone number shown on their invoice - which is not in
service.  It took them so long to ship that I thought I had been scammed
and was about to call my credit card company.  When the goods arrived,
one of the items was missing parts.  I have tried contacting them to
find out how they wish to remedy the situation, with no luck.

In conclusion, I would never buy from Scopetronix again and would
strongly discourage anyone else from dealing with them.

George Browne

Subject:	Feedback about CNC Parts Supply
Sent:	Tuesday, May 13, 2008 12:33:26
From:	Erika Jimnez (
Hi Mr. Weasner just to send you a feedback about CNC PARTS SUPPLY, this
is my experience with them:

I got on their site and ordered a Digi-Kit #DK110 for my Canon G9 camera
and ETX-125, on april 7, 2008.  I paid with my Paypal account for
security reasons. The next day I received and e-mail confirming my
order, and finally on april 10 they send me another mail with the USPS
tracking number. On april 14 the mailman delivered it, the quality of
the items was exactly as described.  By the way, one of the rings is
marked "Scopetronix".

I wrote many times to the store before place my order. Mr. Robert White
answered all my questions very quickly. So, I received excellent service
from the store.

Subject:	Scopetronix [NEW!]
Sent:	Tuesday, May 20, 2008 08:04:58
Hi there Mr. Weasner,sorry it took so long to get back with you about
Scopetronix.I finally had the time to go to Cape Coral today and this is
what I found:I went to the adress for Scopetronix and as I expected it
was a vacant building, then I went to the adress for CNC, it was a house
in a subdivision. Now I am not trying to infere anything but it did not
appear to be a nice house. So I am not sure if this helps anybody. On a
side note I recently purchased A right angle view finder and a AC
adapter from and everything went very smoothly.
                 Thanks Jeff

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