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Some ETX users have sent me examples of their astrophotography. If you have some examples you would like included here please send me a description of how you made the astrophotos and a copy of the images as GIF or JPEG files (due to internet email gateway issues, please send only one image file per message). Send to Alternatively, if you have created your own web page with your examples please let me know and I'll include a link to your site. You will also find astrophotography examples on the Helpful Information - Astrophotography page.

Submitted by: James Jefferson-Wilson James ( [31 Mar 05]
Submitted by: Marco Bensi ( [31 Mar 05]
This is image of Saturn that I took 28mar05 with my ETX-90 EC-UHTC +Barlow Meade 2x + LPI to Latina Italy (25 meters s.l.)
This is image of Jupiter that I took 28mar05 with my ETX-90 EC-UHTC +Barlow Meade 2x + LPI to Latina Italy (25 meters s.l.)
Thanks again for your great site.
Submitted by: Chris Newsome ( [24 Mar 05]
Well, it seems that Meade are on to a winner with this device!! After spending a few months getting used to it the attached picture was taken with it through my ETX-105 and a 2x Barlow lens. 37 frames were stacked using K3CCDTools v.1 and then processed in Photoshop. Through the telescope, the planet was too bright for me to visually see the Great Red Spot but was delighted to find I had recorded it through the LPI. Please feel free to put this on your website. By the way, I a still having problems with dirt on the rear mirror of my ETX - I can see large lump of muck on it but I am unable to shift it. Any ideas?
Mike here: As to the dirt, you could disassemble the rear cell but I don't recommend that unless really really necessary. If the dirt is near an edge, it may not be impacting the light coming up to the eyepiece. (I adjusted the levels slightly on the image to increase its brightness.)
Submitted by: Paul F. Campbell ( [24 Mar 05]
here are some more photos of Jupiter and saturn. All are avi's right around 2min. at 1/10 to 1/25 of a sec. Using a etx 125 and a sac 7 camera.


Submitted by: Giuseppe Pellizzer ( [21 Mar 05]
These are images of Saturn and Jupiter that I took recently with my ETX-90 and a Toucam Pro II from my backyard in Minneapolis. On the image with Jupiter, we can also see its moons Io on the left and Europa on the right. I have used a 2x barlow lens and a Baader ir-cut filter. Each image was obtained from about 500 images stacked and processed with Registax 3.
Thanks again for your great site.
Jupiter Saturn
Submitted by: Paul Campbell ( [21 Mar 05]
Here are some more photos that I have cleaned up. They are all avi's right around 2min. at 1/10 to 1/25 of a sec. processed in registax3 and cleaned up in adobe photoshop 6. They were all taken off my back deck here in Washington Pa. Using a Meade etx 125 telescope and a Sac 7 camera. Hope you enjoy
Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter
Submitted by: Igor Stojic ( [18 Mar 05]
This is my best shot for now of Jupiter with my little ETX-70 ( i think that we can see red spot ).
Submitted by: Paul Campbell ( [18 Mar 05]
Hi all here are a few photos of saturn that I just cleaned up. All are avi's of 2min. at 1/25 of a sec. Taken with a etx 125 meade telescope and a sac 7 camera processed in registax and cleaned up in adobe photo shop 6. Hope you enjoy.
Saturn Saturn
Submitted by: [18 Mar 05]
From the wee hrs of 14 March at the TAS Site in Oklahoma.
Submitted by: chasiotis elias ( [18 Mar 05]
Just by accident i used the 2x Barlow together with the 0.5 focal reducer while capturing Saturn. The result was a sharp, compact image but large enough to show unusual details on the atmosphere of the planet that are not so easily visible at higher magnifications (I know that it sounds odd but that's what happened!).
I send you a Jupiter taken with the same "method" Also i want to refer to Mr. Christoph Jansen whose Jupiter images with ETX 125 are equal to those of Bill Dirks. It's worth to see them at . I don't think they appear in your site so i didn't know Mr Jansen's work but he e-mailed me and he also gave me serious advice.
Submitted by: [18 Mar 05]
although many nice shots of Saturn have already been posted onto your site, I could not 'control' myself and send you another one...
2005-03-10, 22:50 CET, ETX-125AT with 2x Barlow, ToUCam pro at prime focus, 400 out of 1600 frames + 5 frames overexposed to show Titan, south up east left
Submitted by: chasiotis elias ( [10 Mar 05]
Yesterday seeing conditions were little better than average, so i had the chance to take a somehow satisfactory image of Jupiter. (By the way my reference Jupiter Photos with Etx are those of Bill Dirks at , that in my opinion are insurpassable).
Submitted by: mike forster ( [7 Mar 05]
Here is a shot my brother did on a etx 90r manual scope, drive on, Toucam web cam, about 200x, images stacked in Registrax 3.
Submitted by: James Jefferson-Wilson James ( [4 Mar 05]
Definitely my best picture yet !!!!! Be very hard to beat this one I think ! Details On Pic, could you please post on your planets gallery.
Submitted by: chasiotis elias ( [4 Mar 05]
this is a nearly full Mercury. The telescope was put behind a wall for protection from the rays of the sun. Visibility was moderate. Please visit my website since i have organized it and put many new images.
Submitted by: Mark Straley ( [19 Feb 05]
Great site. I am a webmaster and I can appreciate the hours you must spend keeping up. Thanks for your work. I'm a beginner at this and got lots of quality info from your site. I've had my new ETX-125 a whole 3 weeks.
This is Saturn taken 2/15/2005 from Palm Harbor, Fl appx. 9pm. Humidity was high, I was really suprised by the quality I got compared to past attempts with lower humidity. This was 60 shots stacked taken with the Meade LPI on a ETX-125 with a Meade 3x barlow and no filters. Cleaned up with photoshop (ps rookie), a little unsharp masking and some sharpening too. Reduced in size a tad.
Thanks again,
Palm Harbor, Fl
Mike here: I adjusted the levels slightly to brighten the image.
Submitted by: [15 Feb 05]
Old picture of mine but been living in a flat for 10 months no garden and light polluted skies your site has kept me going keep up the good work mike. picture taken 20 April 2004 with my etx 90 and lpi. Daniel cocking Nottingham England.
Submitted by: Paul Faulkner ( [15 Feb 05]
I'm new to the world of astronomy and have just purchased an ETX 105 with LPI camera. After waiting for the English skies (near Eastbourne) to finally clear for a couple of hours on Feb 8th 19:30 I managed to take this effort, a composite of approx 45 images. No barlow. Not sure if the grey blob below to the right is Titan - couldn't see Huygens!!!.
Love the site, it helped tremendously when deciding on a scope. Keep up the good work.
Submitted by: chasiotis elias ( [15 Feb 05]
I send you two images of Venus that show the change in size and phase of the planet as it approaches superior conjunction.
Venus Venus
Submitted by: [11 Feb 05]
I attached a comparision between last year and right now of saturn's rings. Both picts have been taken with an ETX90 EC, and Vesta cam, from urban sky (near Paris). I think I'm now close to the best I could expect from my scope (but I shall continue to improve it anyway !).
Web site :
Submitted by: [11 Feb 05]
a few days ago I got a really good 'window' to the Saturn system. This is a combination of 350 frames (out of 2300) exposed to show details of the planet combined with 100 frames (out of 500) exposed for the moons. 2005-02-07 22:00 CET ETX-125EC with ToUCam pro at prime focus The moons from left to right (clockwise) are: THETIS (10m.4) - TITAN (8m.5) - RHEA (9m.8) - DIONE (10m.5) Saturn shows the A- and B-ring with Cassini Division, a touch of C-ring in front of the planet. And if you look closely you can see - from top to bottom - the dark Southern Polar Region, the Southern Temperate Zone divided by the small Southern Temperate Belt, the prominent Southern Equatorial Belt, the Equatorial Zone and the Northern Equatorial Belt.
Submitted by: Jim Holland ( [11 Feb 05]
I've taken up star gazing! Strickly amatuer you understand. I'm trying my hand at astrophotography and here is my second attempt at Saturn. Much better than my first attempt. It was taken about 9 PM 2/7/05 (for you strick disciplinarians out there I'm not keeping good notes at this point - still enjoying playing with the telescope and all of it's many features) thru an etx-125 with a 2x barlow and no filter. During the visual viewing there was a moon directly below Saturn (I don't know which one) In relationship to the picture there is a small white bloch about two inches below and a little to the right which maybe that moon. Some of the ring detail can be made out
Submitted by: Warren Matthee ( [8 Feb 05]
Just wanted to submit this picture of Saturn, taken from Bath, England on 06/02/05. This was the first night we have used the LPI and we used about 180 images in the composite. We have not yet got a Barlow 2x eyepiece - we're just using the 26mm Plossl supplied with the telescope (Meade ETX 125 EC). This was only the second time we could use the scope since we bought it three weeks ago - we're from South Africa and we're just not used to so many clouds in England!!!
Hope this is an inspiration to others wanting to buy the ETX - we're really happy with ours!
Thanks for a great website - Warren Matthee and Faye Allan
Submitted by: [8 Feb 05]
my first Jupiter this year (bad seeing and low on horizon)
Submitted by: Dave Adriance ( [8 Feb 05]
Pls find attached my first attempt at imaging Jupiter. Image was processed with K3CCD Tools.
Submitted by: [8 Feb 05]
ETX-125, 2 X Barlow, w/LPI. 225 Images taken 120 used and stacked w/ registax into BMP file. Enhancements in Photoshop to get rid of grainy background and still keep the moons.
Submitted by: LEE JEONG HYUN ( [4 Feb 05]
I'd like to share this images with etx user.
Submitted by: chasiotis elias ( [31 Jan 05]
I send you a Saturn image of 19 January. Except for Etx 125 , Atik 1c and IR filter, 2X Celestron Ultima Barlow was used. Procession of 1376 frames was done with K3 ccd tools plus the Unsharp Mask Filter of Photoshop. Seeing was moderate with just few moments of clarity and steadiness.
I also send you three images of Jupiter taken today. The images were taken at different times (every some minutes) and the rotation of the planet is evident. Image 1 earlier, image 3 later. I was impressed by the appearance of blue swirls in the equatorial region of the planet that seem to change shape as they rotate. (Same equipment and technique with the image of Saturn). Seeing was moderate.
Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter
Submitted by: James Jefferson-Wilson James ( [27 Jan 05]
Final Image of Saturn for the year - these images span over August 03 - Jan 05, ETX 70, ETX90, ETX125. The last 3 images are from a Toucam Pro 2 with the ETX 125. Im happy with the final image. Now working On Jupiter.
Submitted by: chasiotis elias ( [24 Jan 05]
Today Callisto passed close to the North Pole of Jupiter. Seeing was quite poor, so i did not use high magnification.
Submitted by: [21 Jan 05]
looks like some colleagues 'adopted' my way of 'comfortable astronomy', but this photograph of Saturn was done the 'good old way' outside in the garden. It was my first look at the planet this year and as - compared with last opposition - the angle we look at the ring system decreased, the planet's disc could be seen 'ahead' of the ring system. Unfortunately air conditions did not allow the use of barlow lenses. Well, its not Cassini/Huygens, but a nice shot of Saturn...
Dieter Wolf (Munich, Germany); 2005-01-17 22:00 CET; MEADE ETX-125AT with PHILIPS ToUCam pro at prime focus; 100 frames out of 1300 1/50s each; Giotto and PaintShop pro
James Jefferson-Wilson James ( by: submitter [21 Jan 05]
Hope all is well, please find a pic of planets taken this year.
Saturn : 13th Jan (Toucam 2 Pro) - 300 Frames Taken, 200 Stacked Jupiter : 15th Jan (Toucam 2 Pro) - 300 Frames Taken, 150 Stacked
Slight Enhancements in PaintShopPro 7.
Submitted by: CLINT GOUVEIA ( [18 Jan 05]
Please find two images of Saturn attached for the Guest Gallery. The first was taken at prime focus and the second using a x2 Barlow. Seeing wasn't great, so I'm quite pleased with the results.
Saturn Saturn
Submitted by: [15 Jan 05]
After hours camming NGC1514 I just did a quick Titan. Between the first shot and this email is 30 minutes. Nice to do a quick one sometimes !
Submitted by: chasiotis elias ( [15 Jan 05]
Yesterday we had the steadiest atmospheric conditions since late October, so i was able to capture a relatively good photo of Saturn. In fact the Encke division was clearly visible through the 6.4mm eyepie- ce (297X). Traces of the Encke division are visible in the photograph. Also at the bottom of the disk, below the rings, traces of the reappearing North Pole of the planet become visible, something which is still early to be easily noticed. The image was processed with the Unsharp Mask Filter of Photoshop.
Submitted by: Tommy Lim KW ( [9 Jan 05]
Hope can share this photo to everybody....
Submitted by: [9 Jan 05]
With good seeing......!
Submitted by: chasiotis elias ( [5 Jan 05]
Yesterday for the first time i tried the Unsharp Mask Filter, on my photo of Saturn of the 23rd October 2004 (this image is already in the gallery). The results were surprising so i am sending you both pictures to see the difference.
Saturn Saturn
Submitted by: [5 Jan 05]
My first disgusting digital photo taken. ETX-125
Submitted by: chasiotis elias ( [5 Jan 05]
I send you my first full daylight image of Mercury at high magnification (use of 2X Barlow). It was really difficult and the result though interesting is not surprising, because the planet has low surface brightness and fades in full daylight. I also send you a photo taken at sunrise. Possibly a larger apperture is needed to see more details.
Mercury Mercury

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